Welcome to CleanTech Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
 Welcome to CleanTech Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning 

Our 10 Steps to Clean Carpet

1.  We move your furniture away from the walls and vacuum all baseboards, seams and crevices to remove as much dust and soil as possible.


2.  We pre-spray your carpet with our cleaning product, checking for any big stains or spots, and apply stain remover if needed.


3.  Next, everything is thoroughly rinsed, using pressurized steam and our high-powered vacuum system.


4.  Another check for any stains or spots, apply stain remover again and brush.


5.  Final rinse and move furniture back to its place.


6.  Put protective pads under furniture legs to prevent wood or rust stains on your clean, damp carpet.


7.  Repeat this cleaning process throughout the room, and clean under the furniture that could not be moved. 


8.  Clean high traffic areas two or three times to ensure all soil is removed before moving to the next room.


9.  Then a final inspection to make sure everything is back to where it was prior to cleaning.


10.  Using a special carpet rake, we go over the entire floor to lift up all carpet fibres to ensure better drying and to remove lines.


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